Urinary Stone

KeeStone Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stones

    Kidney Stone is the most painful urological disorder. KeeStone is the tested ayurvedic therapy for the non-surgical removal of Kidney Stones. It has Crataeva nurvala,ficus racemose,Boerhaavia diffusa,Tribulus terretris, lawsonia alba,Didymocarpus pedicellata, Achyranthes aspera,Raphanus sativus,Hemidesmus indicus and Shilajit. It is a vegetarian capsule and has no-side effects.

  • KeeStone helps in dissolving urinary stones.
  • KeeStone helps in inhibiting oxidative trauma and kidney cell damage thus helps in normalizing renal functions.
  • KeeStone Relieves pain and inflammation, soothes the urinary tract.
  • KeeStone guards against urinary microbes.
  • KeeStone also works on the recurrence of kidney stones and minimizes the recurrence chances of kidney stones.

For Stone size less than or equals to 6mm: Take 1 capsules twice daily for 12 days

For Stone size greater than 6mm: Take 2 capsules twice daily till smooth removal

  1. Q:Is KeeStone organic?
  2. A: Yes KeeStone is organic
  3. Q:What are KeeStones ingredients?
  4. A:KeeStone is a synergistic blend of 11 scientifically proven herbal extracts like Crataeva nurvala,ficus racemose,Boerhaavia diffusa,Tribulus terretris,lawsonia alba,Didymocarpus pedicellata,Achyranthes aspera,Raphanus sativus,Hemidesmus indicus,ShilajKeeStone.
  5. Q:Is KeeStone safe in pregnancy?
  6. A: Yes ,KeeStone is safe in pregnancy.
  7. Q:Is it vegetarian?
  8. A:Yes,It is vegetarian
  9. Q:Is there any side effects ?
  10. A: No,it has no side effect.