Antioxidant and Vitamin Supplement


    Kee7 is the pioneer brand in Indian Pharmaceutical market for lycopene Combination. Kee7 has the unique combination of high dose of lycopene i.e. 15000 mcg along with six other beneficial nutrients that includes Green tea extracts, Beta carotene, wheat Germ oil, Calcium Ascorbate, Selenium and Zinc which play a very important role in prevention of oxidative damage. It can be used as lycopene supplement therapy in multiple complications like oral sub mucous fibrosis, General debility, male infertility, pre-eclampsia and IUGR.

  1. Oral leukoplakia and periodontal disease- It inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators and offers complete relief within 6 weeks in OL.
  2. Pre-Eclampsia and IUGR – Halts the progression of oxidative stress in Pre-Eclampsia and IUGR by 51.4% and 49.3% respectively.
  3. Lifestyle Disease – It reduces the progression of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and CVD related complication.
  4. Male infertility- Carotenoid in lycopene offers potent antioxidant properties which reverse the infertility in males by improving sperm count, motility and morphology
  5. General Debility- It helps in preventing DNA damage and enhances body’s natural defense mechanism.

1-2 capsules OD for minimum 12 weeks

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