Immunity Enhancer

Immune Smart : Indian Cow Colostrum Capsule

    Cow colostrum is the first milk produced by cow after giving birth to their calf. It is known as “God of Medicine” in Indian Mythology. It is fortified with 280 identified immune, growth and nutritional components. Regardless of defined composition profile and fluctuation of Ig titer, it has been found cow colostrum contains neutralizing Ig against pathogens. The protein content in cow colostrum is three to four times higher than regular cow’s milk and twenty four times higher than human colostrum. Bovine colostrum indeed contains a large number of growth factors, antimicrobial (lactoferrin) and immunomodulatory substances such as proline rich polypeptide (PRP), Vitamin A, E, B12 and Immunoglobulin (IgG). Our Colostrum Immune smart is taken from hyperimmuned Indian Cow. It has 25% IgG content.

  1. Prevention of Seasonal Ailments : Cow colostrum helps in modulating cytokines, regulating allergic reactions by limiting histamine response
  2. Recurrent Infection: Taking colostrum helps in reducing recurrent infection in children and people with weekend immune system.
  3. Gut Health: It may help in strengthening your gut health and fighting infection in digestive tract.
  4. Idiopathic Infertility: It has been found that the transfer factor in bovine colostrum can provides surprising and unexpected improvements in fertility and fecundity in both male and female.
  5. Chronic wound and ulcers: It helps in stimulating normal growth, healing and repairing of injured tissue.
  6. Immune Smart is effective Co-Therapy for quicker recovery in Dengue, Chikungunia and Swine Flu

Take two capsules per day or as directed by the physician

  1. Q:What is the IgG Content?
  2. A: The IgG content of Immune Smart is 31.5%.
  3. Q:Can anyone be allergic to Colostrum?
  4. A: People who are allergic to milk can be allergic to colostrum.
  5. Q:Is colostrum safe in Pregnancy?
  6. A: The role of colostrum is unclear in pregnancy so it is our advice to consult your doctor before taking colostrum.
  7. Q:Can I take other supplements with Colostrum?
  8. A: Yes, you can take other supplements with colostrum.
  9. Q:Can Infant take cow colostrum?
  10. A: Cow colostrum is not recommended for children below 6 months.