What is the essence of antioxidants in our life?

Also known as “free radical scavengers” are molecules that provide us protection against free radicals which can cause cell damage.


Also known as “free radical scavengers” are molecules that provides us protection against free radicals which can cause cell damage. Our body generate its own antioxidants to fight against free radicals that is called endogenous. While there are otherr antioxidants which we get from outside the body that is known as exogenous.


What are free radicals?

An imbalance which is caused by the disproportion between production and accumulation of Oxygen Reactive Species in cells and tissues is called oxidative stress. And because of being under the constant attack of oxidative stress, oxygen in the body breaks into single atoms with unpaired electrons. As we already know, that electrons are always in pairs hence, these unpaired electrons are called free radicals which keeps on scavenging the body to get paired.

  • How does free radicals harm us ?
  • It may cause cell membrane breakage leading to the alteration of what enter and exits the cell.
  •  It can also cause the change in the structure of lipid, increasing the possibility of getting it trapped in an artery.
  • The damaged particles may mutate and cause tumors.
  •  Huge damage may cause change in the DNA code.

Now we are aware of the fact that antioxidants are generated inside the body and outside the body. One of the major source of exogenous antioxidants is plant which is called phytonutrient. There are various types of antioxidants which are found from plants and other sources with their own benefits.       

Types, sources and their benefits:





Purple fruits and vegetables

Improves blood vessel health.


Dark chocolate, pea nuts, wine and grapes

Boosts heart and lung health.



Promotes bone health, reduce joint inflammation, relieve menopause symptoms helps in prevention of breast cancer.


Red and pink fruits and vegetables

Improves prostate and heart health.


Green and leafy vegetables

Promotes eye and heart health.


Orange colored fruits and vegetables

Boosts eye, immune and bone health.

Vitamin & minerals, sources and benefits:

 Vitamins & Minerals




Sea food, lean meat, nuts and milk

Energy booster, helps in wound healing and reduces blood sugar.


Sea food, whole grains, offal meat

Prevents certain types of cancer, improves bone and mental health.


Sea food, lean meat, nuts and milk

Helps in the maintenance of bones, blood vessels immune health.


Sea food, lean meat, nuts and milk

Improves the functioning of immune system and enhances metabolism.


Dry fruits, beans , leafy vegetables and red meat

Prevents the damage of cell membrane, betterment of athletic performance and treats anemia.

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, strawberries, bell pepper, broccoli, kiwi

Reduces the risk of chronic disease, prevents iron deficiency, and protects memory

Vitamin E

Wheat germ oil, avocados, nuts, vegetable oil, whole grains

Improves vision, brain development, skin and hair health.

Vitamin A

Liver, sweet potatoes, milk, egg yolk, carrot

Anti-aging properties, improves immune, eye and skin health.


Why you should take antioxidant supplements?

Living in the era of technology and social media while competing for the unachievable life goals and stressing ourselves to the extent of despair we kept ignoring our health whether it be mental or physical all along. And in all that mess there came COVID which shook our lives and transformed not only us but our whole lifestyles. And now it’s necessary to address the elephant in the room and take good care of ourselves. But, we can’t ignore our struggles. So, work what we need to do is make proper balance between the two. In order to do the same, we need necessary nutrients and antioxidants in our body.  

Nutrients and Antioxidants are crucial in the making of our health system. And we can rely on external sources of antioxidants if our body has deficiency of these nutrients and antioxidants.  There are different kind of supplements available in the market but Kee7 by one of the best antioxidant supplement with the highest lycopene content that is 15000mcg.  It is synergistic combination of 7 powerful ingredients that provides many health benefits including skin and hair health.

It is also helpful in IUGR, OSMF. Studies has also proved that the intake of lycopene can help in male infertility, a problem that is ignored and undiscussed.

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