Myths about pregnancy

Congratulations!! You’re pregnant! Or You’re going to have a baby!” This is a bliss to hear for every woman and her husband. But this happiness comes with lots of questions, self-doubts, mood swings etc

“Congratulations!! You’re pregnant! Or You’re going to have a baby!” This is a bliss to hear for every woman and her partner. But this happiness comes with lots of questions, self-doubts, mood swings etc. And managing these altogether is a task itself and while doing so every soon to be parents gets to hear about lot of myths which makes their lives a little more muddled up. To spare you from that chaos we have tried to find out truth behind some of the myths going around.

You should not exercise: The truth is total opposite, while you are pregnant you should necessarily exercise. If you have been exercising regularly, then you should continue your exercise and if you haven’t been exercising earlier than you should start from very moderate exercises or walking. In any case, if you feel any uneasiness or breathlessness you stop it immediately and do consult your gynecologist.

You should not touch your cat: There is an infection named toxoplasmosis caused by cat litter which can affect the unborn baby but to avoid that all you need to do is avoid cleaning your cat’s litter by yourself and if you have to then wear gloves while doing it. Hence, there is no such need to maintain any distance from your pets.

Morning sickness: Morning sickness mostly happens in the morning including symptoms like nausea and vomiting which happens due to hormonal changes. But these can happen at any time of the day.

You have to eat for two: It is said that the mother has to eat for both herself and the baby which is a total myth as she only needs to follow a proper diet and increase 200 calories in their regular diet in the third trimester.

It is possible to predict the gender of the baby: There are myths and beliefs which says you can tell baby’s gender by simple tricks but these are just rumors. It can be predicted by processes like ultrasound, amniocentesis etc.


Note: Predicting gender is Criminal offence in country like India and we don’t promote any such Criminal practices.



Eating certain foods can cause allergies in the baby: You need not to avoid any eatables unless you yourself allergic to them. There is no possibility that eating nuts or dairy etc. would cause any kind of allergies in the child. But avoid eating anything that is prohibited by your doctor.

A woman will be happy and glowing all the time: No human can be happy all the time, then how could a woman who is going through major changes and suffering from mood swings could be expected to be happy and glowing all the time.

Drinking coffee is not good for the baby: Heavy intake of coffee may affect yours and your baby’s health so this myth could have said to be somehow true but one or two cup of coffee per day isn’t harmful for in any way but one should avoid high dose of caffeine intake.

You should not have sex: You can have sex while pregnancy in healthy pregnancy without any pregnancy. Consult your doctor immediately if you find anything unusual regarding your health. And if you have any complications in your pregnancy it’s better to consult your doctor for the same.

You should not dye your hair: Dyes have chemicals in them that could be harmful but dye’s with low level of chemicals or herbal dyes are safe and can be used.

It is an incredible journey for the would be parents and they should enjoy and cherish these moments rather dealing with dilemmas. Be cautious, visit your doctor time to time, take care of yourself, eat healthy and stay away from all myths and rumors.  







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