For the last 62 years, KeePharma Ltd is one of the pioneers of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and has been serving humankind with the best possible solutions to a healthy life.

We focus intently on providing our customers with reliable healthcare solutions and highest quality products that are efficient and cost-effective.

With a human-centric approach as its cornerstone, KeePharma upholds its commitment to providing the best modern medicine with a focus on such therapies which have least amount of side effects with high efficacy.

Our prime focus is in developing and sustaining novel competencies in medicine, healthcare management and therapeutic proficiencies.

At KeePharma, we are cognizant of our responsibility in our products as well as our business operations. At every step, we put quality, innovation, integrity, and ethics to work for improving quality of life and serving humankind.

We insist on the FDA’s Primary regulations & WHO GMP regulations at all the sites where our goods are produced. We have a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department to further ensure the Quality, Safety, Purity and Effectiveness of the pharmaceutical dosage forms marketed by us.


Our mission is encapsulated in our company tagline - 'Because life matters'. The cornerstone of our enterprise is 'Life' – to help, to heal, to save. We constantly endeavor to meet healthcare needs and provide efficient and innovative solutions at reasonable prices.

Because Life

Ensuring the best healthcare solutions to help humankind lead a healthy life. Our core values are enshrined within its logo as KeePharma’s mission is to make lives easier, healthier and happier just as depicted by our ‘Rising Sun’ logo. 


Always committed to upholding our ethics and values in our products and team.


Providing products of the highest quality, while ensuring profitable growth and enhancement of wealth of shareholders and all stakeholders.


Always working towards new ideas to get maximum possible solutions to a healthy life.


Always striving for excellence in our products, by ensuring product safety and efficacy.

KeePharma Heritage

The Kee Pharma story began with the visionary Late Shri C. R. Motihar

Who wanted to deliver reliable and affordable healthcare products to the Indian population.

He established the company in 1957, as a distributor and started a small manufacturing facility in 1961. In 1972 a much larger factory was inaugurated and was recognized as one of the best manufacturing units in North India. It also received an award in 1977-78 for excellent manufacturing practices by the Federation of Association of Small Industries of India as a high-quality unit function by the Government of India.

Ever since, KeePharma and its subsequent directors have developed the brand into a pioneer in the field of medicine making lives happier and healthier.

Because Life Matters!